Hero System

YES! I want BFM to build out my Hero Funnel and I understand that if I am not a good fit for the program, there is a possibility that my application will not be accepted. 


Kindly take this application seriously as we evaluate all candidates and wish to ensure anyone we accept will thrive with our authority system
Some of you may be rejected if we found your values to not be
aligned with Urcliq Marketing.

Hero Funnel Application

What are the challenges/obstacles that you’re currently facing in your business when it comes to your online marketing efforts?

Imagine if we were already working together, and 12 months down the road we had a discussion, what needs to happen for you both professionally and personally for you to say that the past 12 months was an amazing success?

Are you the sole decision maker in your real estate business or do you need someone else’s permission to make decisions?

 [We only work with individuals who make it a priority to invest in their business and have a growth mindset] Are you willing to invest $7,000 to create a customer generating machine that works on autopilot?

How much do you roughly spend on marketing?

If you qualify, when exactly would you want to start getting quality customers from your online efforts?

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